Want the best of both worlds so you can accomodate all clients in all lashing environments? Well, this lil combo is for you! 


  • 1-2 second cure range
  • Does her fastest work in 55+% 
  • Slows herself down in -45%
  • Suits temperatures from 18° - 22°


  • 2-4 second cure range
  • Does his fastest work in 50+%
  • Loves 60%... if your fast enough!
  • 4+ sec cure (beginners) -45%
  • Suits temperatures from 18° - 22°

**Every space has different factors that will control curing and consistency. Take the time to work out the best way to use your adhesive to match your speed and technique. To slow down curing, reduce your temp and humidity and to speed things up, increase them!

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