Hello and welcome to the 'ADVANCE YOUR VOLUME ARTISTRY’ online program that aims to level you up to the best techniques and information available so you are serving up some amazing lash artistry that MAKES YOU MONEY!

In this online workshop you will have all Kayce's years of lashing, running a full set of books, training and product line information condensed into the most actionable workshop that will show you everything you will need to advance your work and your artistry. The effect - Client satisfaction, client demand and retention, which results in making more money! Because if you're doing the best then you will be making the most, and that what counts!

"Knowing 'stuff' does not make you a great lash artist, being a great lash artist makes you a great lash artist"

So please join me to do what you have been wanting to do for so long and take yourself, your artistry, your business and your place in this beauty industry TO ANOTHER LEVEL!

Hope to see you there, 
Love Lash Melbourne.

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