Dark Sky’s Black Adhesive is the big sister to our Lash Bimbo. She’s a dark mistress with just the right amount of mystique to keep you on your toes.

As you’d expect with all Love Lash Melbourne adhesives, Dark Sky's is a versatile lash adhesive that performs under pressure. Featuring a gorgeous deep black ink that creates a seamless bond on dark and light lashes.

 The addition of carbon ink gives this black adhesive a slightly longer cure time. This can help to give you added control, especially when working with new techniques or products. 

Fast cure time (2- 3 seconds)

  • Humidity range 50% and above
  • Loves 60%... if your fast enough
  • Suits temperatures from 18C - 22C
  • 4+ sec cure (beginners) 40%

How to use DARK SKY'S Black Adhesive

  • Shake what your momma gave ya! Very important with black adhesive.
  • Adjust your humidity higher or lower to allow for flexible curing.
  • Isolate before dipping in adhesive
  • Replenish drop while working every 15-20min
  • Keep bottle stored upright and in an airtight container or in pouch provided with silica packet
  • Store at room temperature out of sunlight
  • Do not store in fridge once opened
  • Once opened adhesive is best used within 5 weeks


**Every space has different factors that will control curing and consistency. Take the time to work out the best way to use your adhesive to match your speed and technique. To slow down curing, reduce your temp and humidity and to speed things up, increase them!


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