Hello and welcome to Love Lash Melbourne, my name is Kayce and I am the founder and educator of the Love Lash Melbourne brand!

I would just like to firstly say thank you for taking the time to research us and our brand and welcome you into the LLM family. 

The Love Lash Melbourne dream started in early 2016 out of basically the need to find quality products in the Australian market at a reasonable price point. As most of you know the Australian market can sometimes be miles behind, we see this in fashion, music and product trends so finding advanced things to keep up on the world stage here in Aus can be difficult...so I went searching!

 It has taken some time and many tears but we are here today with a killer product that is both high quality and affordable and ticking all the boxes needed to produce the best set of lashes for our clients and making our lives as lash techs easy! But I was not done there, I have also seen a huge gap in the market for quality in-depth training. We are seeing a dime a dozen lash trainers and hey I get it, we are all trying to make it in this world but for the future of lash artists we need QUALITY education, we need ONGOING education and we need SUPPORT! 

Our classes are super small with a max of 4 students, currently only taking one on one bookings this to provide all of myself to you and make sure no women is left behind. I am all about that support in the industry but most of all I'm here for you and want to support you and work my hardest to make your decision of becoming a lash artist and your own boss the best decision yet!


So have a look at our products, and check out the info on our classes and let me know if I can help you in anyway possible!

Hope to see you all soon!

With LOVE,


Love Lash Melbourne xx